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Gerry, a character in the movie Remember the Titans said, “When something unexpected comes, you gotta pick up and run with it.” I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in January 2010 and Gastritis in November 2009, all in the midst of a very important year in school. I continued to finish that year of school, and succeeded without many people knowing the poor state of my health. In 2010-2011, took a medical leave from school to plan my lifestyle for the rest of my life. My roommate suggested I start a blog to share my story. It didn’t take much thought to decide to make this blog a reality. I want this blog to be a written record of what I’ve been through – the pain, suffering, healing – everything that has happened to me over the years in my life. People daily share stories with me of how their stomachs are making them suffer. I want my story to inspire you and your loved ones to believe that healing is possible, and you can recover and find wellness in your life just like I have. I want to know your story – please post comments or email me and I will respond to you. Please join me in my journey towards a healthy, Crohn’s free, “wellness for life” Jen.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Body Only Needs a Millisecond to Betray Me

Sometimes I forget what it feels like to feel the way I did last year. How quickly I am reminded when it hits me like a car smashing into a cement wall. It starts with the way I think. One minute I’m on the ball and my head is clear. The next, I can’t think at all. It’s like a thief comes into my brain and robs me of my thoughts, knowledge, words, everything. I don’t comprehend anything and when I look at a paragraph of words, I don’t understand what I’m reading – nothing registers in my mind. Even as I write this, I continuously forget what I want to write about. My head is spinning and I am experiencing a full body shake. I sit outside in below freezing temperatures and don’t feel a thing. I am frustrated. I grow stronger everyday, and then this happens. I just don’t understand!

What I described above happened to me last night during my shift at work. All I ate yesterday were “safe” foods. What happened? Was my food starting to go bad after being out of the refrigerator for many hours before I ate it? That’s a strong possibility.

Because of unexpected setbacks like this, I cannot trust myself to work full time this summer. I never know when my body will betray me like this.

How do I deal with the way I feel? I go home, and go to bed. I wake up the next day feeling weak, but my thinking is clear again. Then I eat foods that I know work with my body, and feel much better!